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Who are they for?
Google provided funding for the development and FREE distribution of one physical set of these brilliant cards to each of the first 400 UK Primary Schools who agreed to use them and then fill in a short survey. (See Further information.)

​Below you can download a PDF to print out as many sets as you want.

Further information
To accompany and support the UK Bebras challenge, we are producing some Bebras cards for use in the classroom with children aged 7-11 (years 3-6/P3-P6).  These cards are adapted from those developed and trialled in Lithuania. Each set consists of 48 A5 laminated cards in a box, each with a different computational thinking challenge. The intention is that children can work in groups to solve the puzzles on the cards and this will help them to develop logical and algorithmic thinking skills as well as introduce them to some new computer science concepts.
Google funded the distribution of 400 FREE sets of cards to primary schools in September 2017.
Sue Sentance and Jane Waite
King’s College London

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This file requires a password to open (supplied with the box):


Alternatively, registered coordinators can obtain an unencrypted copy of the answers from the Documents area in their admin site.