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Blockly Turtle  
Blockly Turtle Blockly Turtle was developed for primary schools. ​It starts with simple playgrounds for 6 year olds. The playgrounds then build into a sophisticated environment that students of ages 10 - 14 years old might want to use to get creative with a Blockly programmed turtle.

Raspberry Pi  
MIT app inventor ​Fully detailed and carefully written up projects from the Education team at raspberry Pi. Projects range from creating a People in Space Indicator to a Robo Butler.​

App Inventor  
MIT app inventor MIT App Inventor is an innovative beginner's introduction to programming and app creation. UsingApp Inventor even an inexperienced novice can create a basic, fully functional app within an hour or less.​

CS First  
MIT app inventor Themes are chosen to illustrate the applicability of Computer Science and engage students. Use scratch to learn about: Animation, Art, Fashion, Friends, Game Design, Music & Sound, Social Media, Sports and Storytelling.

Pi Wars  
MIT app inventor Pi Wars is a challenge-based robotics competition in which Raspberry Pi-controlled robots are created by teams and then compete in various challenges to earn points.​​

Pimoroni Projects  
MIT app inventor Pimoroni has built up an impressive set of tutorials for building all sorts of things from making your own Raspberry Pi powered Arcade machine to a thermometer in Minecraft. Be aware that if you get hooked this could cost you a small fortune in parts, all handily available from Pimoroni.


Not sure what to create - here's a book that will help you:

Adventures in Raspberry Pi  
MIT app inventor This book by Carrie Anne Philbin introduces a variety of types of projects you can undertake with a Raspberry Pi and then gives suggestions where to go next if you enjoyed them.