UK Bebras



Preparing for Bebras
The UK Bebras Challenge exposes students to a new way of thinking so there isn't a need to prepare for the contest. However, you can get a feel for the style of the problems by viewing previous challenges.

Try problems from previous challenges
The previous year's challenges are available to try without registering or logging in.
Simply click on the Challenges tab above, select your age group and try out some questions.

Want to try more challenges?
If your teacher is registered, they can use the quizzes facility to create custom quizzes just for your school.

Preparing for OUCC
This challenge requires some preparation:

Juniors and Intermediates:
Although Juniors and Intermediate students may be familiar with Blockly, you will need to be aware that we use some custom blocks and systems. You should work through our Blockly tutorials as a minimum. You should probably attempt some of the past challenges available in the Challenges tab too!

Seniors and Elite:
Senior and Elite students may be great programmers, familiar with one of the 11 text-based languages we support, but you will need to be familiar with how to handle standard input and standard output in your programs in such a way that your programs can be read and responded to by our testing server. Working through the Code submission tutorials is a must to avoid disappointment.

SVI students:
Senior and Elite students will be taking part in the same challenges as sighted students so the preparation is the same - see section above. Junior and Intermediate students will take part in their own beta coding challenge using any one of our 11 supported text-based programming languages. This will use the same platform as the Senior and Elite students but with more age appropriate questions. The preparation is the same - see section above - but only try the easier questions of the past Senior challenges found in the Challenges tab of this site.

Learn about computational thinking skills with BBC bitesize
The BBC have produced some excellent resources for school students wishing to learn about computational thinking.


‚ÄčLearn about computational thinking with Google
Google's computational thinking resources (accessed below) are impressively vast. They include videos, programs, explorations lessons, etc. As there are so many, Google have provided a very handy set of drop-down menus to narrow down your search to resources that will interest you.