UK Bebras




Take part in UK Bebras

Mark your calendars! The next UK Bebras Challenge is scheduled to take place in November 2024.

When the challenge is live, and your teacher is available to supervise the event, you'll receive a unique username and password. With these credentials, you'll be all set to participate in the 2024 UK Bebras challenge!

If your school does not run the Bebras Challenge but you want to take part, show your teacher this website and ask them if they will run the challenge. If you are home educated, ask your parent to get in touch with us.

Prepare for UK Bebras

The best way to prepare for the Bebras UK Challenge is by attempting to solve previous tasks. Tasks from two different years of previous challenges are readily available for practice without the need for registration or logging in.


If your school is registered, your teachers will be able to access older challenges and assign them as quizzes for you to try. If you are aged 11-14 and interested in learning more about computational thinking, the BBC offers valuable resources on BBC Bitesize. Explore these resources at

Aim of the challenge

Your goal is to tackle as many tasks as possible within the 40-minute time frame to earn points. While the problems are tailored to your age group, they're designed to provide a challenge. Don't fret if you can't complete them all – it's rare for any student to solve every problem. If you find yourself stuck on a particular task, feel free to move on to the next one.

Difficulty Levels

Tasks are categorised into three levels of difficulty: A, B, and C. Category A problems are the least challenging, while category C problems offer the most difficulty. Your score for each task is influenced by its assigned difficulty level.


The scoring rubric is as follows

Difficulty Correct Incorrect Unanswered
A +6 points 0 points 0 points
B +9 points -2 points 0 points
C +12 points -4 points 0 points

Penalties for incorrect answers are implemented to discourage random guessing.


  1. You are prohibited from using any websites or reference materials to assist you in solving the tasks.
  2. You are allowed to use pencil, paper and a calculator during the challenge.
  3. Unless you are part of a Kits or Castors team, you must work independently.
  4. You must refrain from disclosing the nature of the tasks or how you solved them until the conclusion of the Bebras Challenge fortnight.