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UK Bebras 2023 Statistics

2023 Bebras statistics

* As this is a challenge, the majority of older students are not expected to solve all of the problems in 40 minutes!
** Minimum score needed by students to be in the top 10% of each age group in 2023. These students are also invited, via their school, to enter OUCC.
*** Qualifying SVI students can take part in the normal Seniors and Elite OUCC Challenge or the beta OUCC SVI (10-14) challenge. The beta SVI challenge will use the same style as Seniors but with more age-appropriate questions.

OUCC 2024 Statistics

The 2024 OUCC challenge introduced a time limit of 50mins for the first round. Final statistics for the first round:

Age Group Participants Max Score Maximums Distinctions
(score: 40+)
(score: 25+)
Elite: 1457 66 7 75 153
Seniors: 3163 68 14 237 328
Intermediate: 9734 66 10 140 442
Juniors: 6441 66 2 111 449
SVI (10-14)*: 4 56 0 n/a n/a
Totals 20,799        

* The SVI (10-14) challenge was beta this year. There was late notice and not practice challenge. Thank you to the students who tried it for us.

Approximately 20 students from each age group were invited to participate in the final round:

Age Group Score required for final round
Elite: 58
Seniors: 66
Intermediate: 56
Juniors: 54