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If your school is already registered to run Bebras, the main co-ordinator can create an account for you. If you don’t know whether your school is registered, or who the main co-ordinator is, simply create an account and we will make sure that everything is set up correctly for you to enrol your students. 

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  • When you register, your account will be inactive until we manually verify your teacher status by contacting your school. During busy periods, this verification process can take up to five working days following confirmation by your school.
  • If your school has not been previously registered for Bebras or there is no main co-ordinator, you will automatically assume this role. In the admin site you will be able to create accounts for other teachers and also have the option to transfer the main co-ordinator role as needed.

Enrol your students

Student accounts are created by their respective teachers. To simplify this process, you can upload a spreadsheet. Detailed instructions can be found on the admin site. Note that student accounts are automatically deleted at the end of each academic year.

We highly recommend enrolling all students within a year group. This is because one of the primary aims of the challenge is to identify aptitude for computational thinking. The tasks are presented as engaging puzzles, starting with relatively easy ones to encourage participation from all students. During the timed challenge, only a few students manage to complete all the problems. However, with practice, most students find that they can tackle problems that initially seemed very challenging. We encourage you to enrol the entire school!

Promote the challenge

Registered teachers can access downloadable posters and flyers in the documents section of the admin site.

Run a club

Consider running the Bebras challenge as an enrichment club. In the teachers' area of the admin site, you'll find tools to create quizzes for your students. Students can benefit from working in groups, working collaboratively to enhance their skills.

Check for messages

Please be aware that school filters may block emails sent to our mailing list. Therefore, important information for teachers will be posted in the Messages section of the admin site. It is recommended to regularly check this section to stay updated on any announcements or notifications.