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Code Submission Tasks

This type of task only features in the Senior and Elite challenges.

The format will be familiar to students who have taken part in programming olympiads and other programming competitions. A question is presented with an input and output specification and students write a solution in one of the supported programming languages. After the code is submitted, it is compiled (if required) and then several test files are run. In our system a percentage score is given as feedback showing how many tests were passed. The student can then upload and run another file. All submissions are saved and when the challenge is marked the highest score achieved is saved.

If you are unfamiliar with how to use this system, here is a brief introduction:

(3.5min screencast, opens in a new window)

Uploading, compiling and running takes time. It is best to try and make sure your solution is as perfect as possible by running a few test cases on your local system before uploading your files.

Languages supported in 2021
C (Compiler: gcc 7.5.0)
C++ (Compiler: g++ 7.5.0)
C# (Compiler:
Haskell 8.02
Java 11
Javascript (Compiler: 
node v8.10.0)
Kotlin 1.4.30
Pascal 3.04
Python 3.10
Ruby 2.5
Visual Basic (
Compiler version (Mono 4.0.1 - tarball))

Note: Python 2 is no longer supported.

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Code submission tasks - Intro

Example 1 - Hello, World!
Example 2 - Postfix
Exercise - Cat Words

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